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Andy Davison - Waxham Great Barn Wedding Photographer


Andy Davison - Waxham Great Barn Wedding Photographer


Another new wedding venue to me this year was the absolutely incredible Waxham Great Barn near Sea Palling on a stunning stretch of the North Norfolk coast.  This wedding was to be particularly special, not just because of the wonderful locations and the gorgeous and very lovely bride and groom but because it was not just a wedding day, it was also a christening for young Florence!

After a morning spent capturing Victoria and bridesmaids getting ready and chasing Florence around it was off to join Edd and the boys in Happisburgh.  Briefed that the Best Man had a very special gift for Edd from Victoria we immediately headed out onto a beautiful and quiet spot on the cliff-tops for Edd to read a poem that Victoria had written and to open his gift.  Surrounded by his mates, on a favourite place to spend time with his family and with the church he was about to get married as the backdrop, Edd opened a rather nice gift that Victoria knew he craved and had saved hard in secret in preparation for this moment.  Capturing these sorts of moments is what makes me tick and it was just the very best few hours spent with Victoria and Edd that kicked off a day that I knew from first meeting would be very special indeed.

Being a church ceremony, one of my concerns is always how much access I will get in terms of taking photographs and this was particularly the case with a christening to also capture. Well, I needn’t have been concerned!  Arriving at the church I was greeted by the biggest grin from the Apple Watch-wearing vicar that is the wonderful Catherine Dobson – politely enquiring as to the rules for photography she explained that she wanted me to get the very best photographs for Victoria and Edd and that I should do what I needed to get them!  While I’m always respectful and as quiet and discrete as I can be during wedding ceremonies, this was just great to hear and I hope contributed to some wonderful moments being captured throughout wedding and christening ceremonies.

On leaving church, on their request, I visited Happisburgh Lighthouse with Victoria and Edd.  I don’t normally take couples out for photographs in the harsh midday sun but this was a great opportunity to visit somewhere that they love to spend time together.  Also, having completed a recce to the location a few days earlier and seen the incredible wild flowers that were in bloom, it really was a must stop.  As you’ll see, we really did get the most incredible back-drop for some early afternoon portraits and ones that I’m sure will look great hanging in Victoria and Edd’s family home.

The rest of the day was spent at the enormous Waxham Great Barn.  A real blank canvass when you hire it, Victoria, Edd and friends and family had turned the place into a magical autumn wedding venue with space for children to play, adults to play, space to sit and eat and a couple of bars for good measure.  The place looked incredible and the work that Alan, Victoria’s future brother-in-law had put into the lighting was the crowing glory and came into its own from sunset.  I can’t wait to capture Alan and Jennie’s wedding day next year, I know the lighting is going to be on-point for sure!  Just check out the first and last shots for an idea of his splendid work!

After the wedding breakfast we found time to visit the extremely local beach for the very best light of the day and some of the best that I’ve seen all year.  Relaxed and fun, Victoria and Edd made the perfect subjects for a mix of fun and romantic shots on an absolutely stunning warm and calm autumn evening.  I don’t think ‘golden hour’ shoots get much better than this!

Back at the barn the party was predictably raucous with first dance blending to some excellent dance-floor mayhem for me to get in amongst.  Florence even made an appearance for some quality time with mum and dad.  As the father of a 14-year old, I know such dances have to be cherished – she’ll be much less willing to dance with her dad in a few years’ time I expect!

Anyway, enough of me. Time for some photographs to tell the story in a far better way than my words.  Edd and Victoria’s weddings was one of my final wedding shoots of 2017 and undoubtedly another highlight.

Finally, for any photographers out there, this is also the first full blog on my website shot exclusively with the marvellous Sony A9 🙂

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