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Oxnead Hall Hindu Wedding



Well, here’s a few firsts for my blog!

My first Hindu wedding, the first time that I’ve shot 2 weddings in one day, the most images captured in one shoot and the earliest start and longest wedding day shoot so far!

Boy was it all worth it!  Sophie and Utsav enjoyed an utterly brilliant wedding (s) day at the majestic Oxnead Hall on Saturday.  Although quite recently opened, Oxnead Hall is already one of my favourite and very local venues, and I was so pleased to be booked by Sophie and Sav to capture such an incredibly fun, diverse and colourful day.  Having already spent a little time with them both on their engagement shoot, I knew I was in for a relaxed day with stacks of laughs.  Although I had no real idea what to expect when capturing a Hindu wedding, Sophie and Sav helped by giving me a short guide and encouraging me to just get stuck in and not hold back when taking photographs of the various ceremonies!

Well, working alongside the excellent Rowan Banks of Apricot Weddings videography for the first time, the day started at around 7.15 with the capture of Sophie and Sav (and guests) putting the finishing touches to the Mandap and getting themselves ready for the first of their 2 wedding ceremonies.  With so much going on, Rowan and I found ourselves covering a lot of ground on Saturday but loving every minute of it – it’s great to have so much natural and candid action to capture.

It would take me way too long to run through every twist and turn of the day but suffice to say that capturing the Hindu ceremony was an absolute blast, as I hope the few images below will show.  The incredible colours, the smiles, the informality, the sense of fun and the seemingly endless traditions made for an incredible spectacle that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone lucky enough to witness it.  At times it was hard to believe that we were in rural Norfolk, such were the colours and the smells of spices (and hot sun!).

After a short break (to wash out spices and rice from Sophie and Utsav’s hair!) to prepare for their civil ceremony, we headed down to the lakeside setting for what has to be one of the most picture-perfect spots imaginable.  During a short ceremony I managed to sprint to the far side of the lake to capture a quick image looking back towards the gathering and the incredible backdrop of Oxnead Hall – I hope you like the shot, I’m still getting my breath back now!

Into the evening there was an amazing feast in the beautiful barn before everyone chilled out in the stunning grounds, listened to some very relaxed tunes and ate crepes on a balmy summer evening.  After a walk around the immaculate gardens and lake to capture a few portraits, we headed back to the courtyard for a final flurry with sparklers.  A fun and fitting end to a truly incredible wedding day.

It’ll be a few days before I completely finish this edit but I hope that the snapshot below gives a feel for a truly wonderful wedding day.  As always, a massive thank you to Sophie and Utsav for allowing me to be a small part of their day and to their superb friends and family who made me (and Rowan) feel so very welcome and helped at every opportunity. Finally, I must also thank Jaymi and Megan and their superb team at Unique Norfolk Venues for again looking after everyone so well on the day – the food and service were amazing and you even had the capacity to look after the photography and videography team for which we’re hugely grateful.

Time for some photographs…………..

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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