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Ordering Your Wedding Album

Album Ordering in 4 Easy Steps

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Introduction - Types of Albums and Ways of Ordering

Lay-Flat Albums - Self-Designed and Ordered Through Your Gallery Store

The first and lower priced album is the 'Lay Flat Album' by Loxley Colour. These beautiful albums are available in a variety of linen covers with UV printing personalised lettering. They are printed on professional photo paper with a rich velvety matte finish, feature silver halide printing for the best quality and longevity and have a thick core and thick lay flat pages. These albums are designed and ordered by you using the Store you will find built into your online gallery. The intuitive design process is explained by video within the Store but you are of course very welcome to ask for help should you need it. These albums are great value and a superb way to get your images image into stunning professional print form. While they are affordable, they are a huge step up in quality from consumer print company products.

Fine Art + Matted Albums Designed and Ordered by Photographer

The second, more luxurious, type of album are Fine Art and Matted Albums by Folio. To learn a little more about these stunning hand-made professional albums, please see the short video below. There are videos that cover Folio as well as more detailed information regarding the difference between Fine Art and Matted Albums. The brochure beneath those videos provides further information as well as full pricing details. These albums are of the very highest quality and designed to last a lifetime and be enjoyed by future generations. Due to the level of customisation available with these Folio albums, I do all design work. The 4-step process for ordering a Fine Art or Matted Album is detailed below but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any problems. As you will see, within the first step in the process you will need to inform me that you'd like to order an album.

If You'd Really Like an Album, What to do Next and What to Consider

If you'd like a Lay Flat Album, you can design and order that at your leisure from your online gallery store. If you need any help, just let me know and I'll be glad to assist. If you'd like to order a Fine Art or Matted Album, please drop me a line and I'll send you a special link to your gallery which will allow you to submit your favourite chosen images to me so that I can begin the design work. There are just a few considerations when you make your selections and these are covered in brief below. The selection process is extremely straight forward and also covered in a short video below. This is Step 1 of the 4 now described below.

Step 1

Select and submit your favourite images from your online gallery (instruction video below).

Step 2

Select album type and style and complete the Order Form below.

Step 3

I'll confirm your album choice and invoice for the cost of the selected album.

Step 4

I'll design your album, send you a proof and make changes until you're happy. Your album will take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.

Step 1

Select and Submit Images



Selecting favourites from your gallery

Image Selection Considerations

It goes without saying that your image selection should be well thought through as you'll want to love returning to your album regularly over the years ahead. Take time to select images that you really 'love' and not ones you think you 'should' have in the album. It may well be that the traditional images and group photographs don't catch your eye and that the candid story-telling is what really captures your imagination. If you are struggling to choose your own images, I'm happy to select them for you or to help complete your selection.

Standard albums contain 20 double page spreads and a typical well-designed album will contain approximately 80 images. Try to not go too far beyond 80 or consider adding additional spreads. The impact of the images will be reduced if too many are squeezed onto each page. Finally, when designing your album, I will arrange images chronologically. When selecting images, imagine telling the story of your day through the album and consider breaking the day down with selections from 'preparation', 'ceremony', 'reception' etc as you go.

Step 2

Choose and Order Your Album

Andy Davison - Norfolk Wedding Photographer



An Introduction to Folio Albums

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer



Fine Art v Matted Albums

Album Brochure

Before making your album choices on the Order Form below, here is a short album brochure which includes cover options and pricing as well as further useful advice on image selection.

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Order Your Album

Please complete the PDF Order Form under the button below to order your album. Please email the completed form to and I will set about designing your wedding album for you. If feel you that you need additional spreads to accommodate a large image selection, please let me know how many extra you require when you place your order. Additional spreads cost an additional £25 per spread. Once I have your image selection and album order, I'll be in touch with a first design proof and invoice within 5 working days.

Thank you for ordering.

I'll now crack on with Steps 3 & 4 and will be in touch soon.

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