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From preparations to the party, via creative portraits, an essential theory and practical workshop for wedding photographers seeking to master flash lighting techniques on wedding days.

Real-world examples used throughout with settings covered along with practical hands-on training to reinforce learning throughout the workshop.

The Workshop culminates in an on-location, sunset creative portrait shoot.

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer


Teaming up periodically with James Rouse, we deliver off-camera workshops in Norwich, Norfolk.  The Workshop is be limited to 7 seats to ensure a relaxed and informal environment where individuals are encouraged to ask questions to cement their understanding of the content delivered.

This Workshop is primarily aimed at working wedding photographers looking to add a string to their bow and better understand the mechanics and practical use of off-camera flash.  Incorporating uses for real-world scenarios, whether it’s to add light where it’s needed or bring a creative edge to portraits, we back-up the theory with examples and then execute the learning with a live evening sunset shoot (come rain or shine!) in order to give the confidence to go forth and integrate flash photography confidently into wedding days.

Attendees are not expected to have any working knowledge of off-camera flash in order to attend. However, as a minimum requirement, we do suggest that students should be comfortable shooting in Manual Mode and know their way around ISO, Shutter and Aperture settings on their cameras.

We’d absolutely love to see you and help you in what we believe to be a hugely important and useful skillset for all wedding photographers to possess.

Please feel free to Pre-Register your interest now using the form below and we’ll be back in touch.

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer


Fundamentals of Flash

Where and why we use flash
Ambient v Flash lighting
Inverse Square Law
Understanding Flash Modes

Flash Equipment

Types of flash and triggers
Flash modifiers and their uses
Types of lighting
Practical examples

Examples and Live Shoot

Real wedding applications of flash with examples and settings
Creative flash portraits
On-location sunset shoot to reinforce learning and demonstrate a range of creative portrait techniques

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer




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