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Best of 2023 Norfolk Wedding Photography


As the end of 2023 approaches, it’s somehow time again already to share a few highlights of another incredible season as a Norfolk Wedding Photographer!

Starting in 2013, it seems crazy to think that I’ve now completed 11 years as a photographer, already nearly half-way to the duration of my career as an RAF Officer!

Every year I wonder whether I’ll still be taking enough bookings to maintain photography as my full-time profession and, every year, I continue to find incredible new clients who like what I do enough to trust me with documenting one of the most important days of their lives for them.  I’m eternally grateful to every single one of them and am delighted to be able to say that 2024 is now booked up and that 2025 is already busy enough to confirm that I’ll be remaining in business for a little longer yet!

While I take on slightly fewer weddings each year, I still get huge enjoyment out of the challenge of capturing each unique day to the best of my abilities and delivering a set of images that I know will be treasured for generations.  2023 has seen me capture 25 weddings, 15 family shoots, 5 engagement shoots (including a first ‘live’ real proposal – and she said YES!!) and 3 commercial shoots. I keep thinking I’ll take it a little easier each year but it seems that I fill any free time that I’ve made available to myself by cutting down on wedding days with other reasons to be out with a camera!  And that’s just fine with me.

The 2023 Norfolk wedding season started in January for me with a relatively last-minute booking by Becky & Steve marrying at the venue where I shoot most, the majestic Oxnead Hall.  Sat here in late November, that wedding feels like a lifetime ago! I do remember clearly what an absolutely lovely couple they were and what a fabulous start their day was to one of my favourite wedding seasons.  I can’t possibly single out wedding days or individual photographs as being favourites because each day is so different and there are so many types of wedding image that I love.  Below, I’ve tried to provide a taste for my year and the things that I’ve seen.  I’ve included images from every wedding, some details, some drone shots, some big moments, some small moments, everything from prep to party and a few portraits.  Having delivered well over 25,000 images this year, selecting just 150 is clearly problematic and, if I had another go from scratch tomorrow, I’d no doubt select an entirely different 150!  But, hopefully, the selected images provide a feel for how 2023 felt and the style of images that I like to capture across wedding days.

In amongst the images below you’ll hopefully pick out some lovely moments and the uniqueness of so many of these wedding days which ranged in size from 2 guests in a windmill to 250 guests in a marquee; Pip & Rob surprising their guests by arriving at their reception by boat, Polly & Matt travelling to and from church by tractor, the beautiful wedding of Caroline & Richard which was the first wedding at the new and stunning Shotesham Park wedding venue, the emotions of so many Portuguese friends and family traveling to spend a very special day with Goncalo and Sophie, so many champagne sprays, smoke-grenade madness, incredible cakes, amazing sunsets, remarkable first dances, epic parties and so much more.

And on that note, I’m going to leave it to the images to complete the picture of the Norfolk 2023 Wedding Season for you.

If you’ve stuck with me to this point, and not scrolled straight to the images, I’d like to wish you a very happy end to 2023, a wonderful festive season and all the joy and happiness you’ll find below echoed in your own lives in 2024.

I’ll see you all again in 12 months when I know that I’ll have many, many more very special wedding day moments to share.


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