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Norfolk Wedding Photographer Highlights of 2022


As the end of 2022 approaches, it’s again time to update the blog with a few highlights of another year of Norfolk Wedding Photography.  I always find it so hard to select images for these kind of posts so this year I’ve gone for 150 images with each wedding represented within the final selection.  If I was to go back through again, I’d probably select a completely different set of 150!

So here we have a selection of images of all kinds from across my 2022 wedding calendar of 25 weddings.  There are images of all kinds in here – quiet and loud moments, large and small, a few details, some portraits and hopefully (most importantly) packed with real feelings and a whole lot of love, warmth, fun and happiness.  I think that they collectively represent my style of work – ideally candid, whenever possible in the very best light I can find and edited in a warm and vibrant but timeless way.

I’ll leave the images to tell the story of a wonderful Norfolk Wedding season and my 9th full season as a full-time professional wedding photographer.  Each year I aim for 20-25 weddings and I was bang on target this year with 25.  I’m really looking forward to the 2023 season of Norfolk Wedding Photography with another 25 weddings already booked in and no doubt one or 2 added during the year if dates allow.  Next year will also see me work at some new stunning venues across Norfolk which will be a real treat.  While it’s great to return to old favourites, I love the challenge of new venues each year.

Anyway, as we currently sit in a period of seemingly endless sub-zero temperatures, what follows will hopefully provide some warmth and a reminder of what summer feels like.  In fact, what a summer it was!  Looking back at these images, I’m reminded that it was the hottest and driest that I’ve worked through as a photographer and that it delivered some of the most incredible evening light and sunsets that I’ve captured. Just wonderful.  More of the same in 2023 please, maybe just a degree or 2 cooler though!

If you’re actually reading this blog, and not skipped straight to the photographs, have a wonderful festive period and very best wishes for a healthy, successful and happy 2023.

Warm Wishes



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