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Andy Davison - Best of 2017 Norfolk Wedding Photography

The hardest, in fact impossible, end-of-year task as a wedding photographer – selecting a few images, from the tens of thousands, that might stand even the slightest of chances of providing a glimpse of how wonderful a year of weddings in Norfolk it has been!  I wasn’t going to do one of these but I know that it’s a great way to round off the year and potentially provide future brides and grooms with a glimpse of what they can expect from their own wedding photographs when the time comes.

So here we have it.  29 wonderful weddings (and a christening) across Norfolk and encompassing a bit of everything from a cinema to deserted beaches via a Lighthouse and lots of stunning barns and beautiful wedding venues.  A first visit to the breathtaking Narborough, Godwick and Hengrave Halls for me in 2017 and another year of incredible couples living out one of the best days of their lives in the moment and so generously ‘letting me in’ to capture it in the natural, relaxed and honest way that I so love. Hopefully the images, listed in a random order, will provide just a brief taste of what 2017 looked like through my camera lenses.  I could so easily have selected 2000, maybe 20,000, but a line had to be drawn somewhere.  I just know though, that as I post this, another 200 will pop into my head and demand to be included!

Please sit back and enjoy some of the BIG and small, the happy and the sad, the quiet and the crazy loud and the frankly random moments enjoyed by young and old as one on these so special occasions.  2018 already has 25 of such magnificent days lined up for me and I really cannot wait to see what stories lie in wait for me next year.  Have a wonderful festive period one and all and, if you married in 2017, have a fantastic first Christmas as a married couple.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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