Norfolk Wedding Photography One-to-One Workshops and Training

Bespoke training for wedding photographers of all experience levels

As someone passionate about training and helping others, I’m always excited to be able to offer training to individuals or small groups seeking help with most aspects of wedding photography

One-to-One Wedding Photography Training and Workshops

Now in my 6th year as a wedding photographer and enjoying a settled and established business after shooting over 150 incredibly diverse weddings, I’ve increasingly found myself being approached by fellow photographers seeking a little advice on a range of topics. Some are aspiring wedding photographers, seeking advice on where to start and how to grow their business, others are seasoned professional wedding photographers who’ve found themselves stagnating and wanting some help improving their work or in search of ideas for how to take their business to the next level.

While none of us stop learning, and I’m always striving to improve in areas that I see as my own weaknesses, I do now feel that I have a lot to offer fellow photographers seeking advice in the highly competitive and ever-changing world of wedding photography. Having recently teamed with James Rouse and delivered some highly successful workshops on flash photography in the wedding day environment and delivered some informal and formal bespoke one-to-one training for a number of full-time professional wedding photographers, I’m confident that I’m in a position to be of genuine help to wedding photographers of all experience levels. If I knew what I know now when I started out 6 years ago, I could have saved myself some costly lessons and made a much smoother and even faster transition between careers. One-to-one training can deliver a highly cost-effective fast-track to success as a wedding photographer and I wish I'd known that from the start.

Having spent many years delivering training within the RAF, I enjoy and am passionate about sharing knowledge with others and get huge satisfaction in watching others thrive as a result of learning that I’ve been able to deliver. One-to-one workshops are the most efficient way to learn in my experience and I’m very happy to design bespoke one-to-one training wedding photography training to meet the needs of individual photographers. During such training, I’m very happy to share anything and everything about my business and how I work; I keep no secrets and am happy to give all that I have in order to help others achieve their own goals. One of the best aspects of one-to-one training is the opportunity to ask absolutely any question without fear and to be able to get a thorough answer in return.

I’m not an expert in every aspect of wedding photography, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. However, I am very happy to consider all approaches for help and to provide bespoke one-to-one wedding photography training if I’m confident that I’m able to deliver value in the areas where help is being sought. I'm a very honest person and, if I genuinely feel that what is being sought is beyond my expertise, I won't offer the training. While the list below is by no means exhaustive, these are just some of the areas where I’ve either previously provided expertise or possess the depth of knowledge suited to delivering quality training. So, if you're an aspiring Norfolk Wedding Photographer (or indeed outside this region) or a seasoned pro struggling with any area of your wedding photography business, please do feel free to reach out and I'll see whether I can be of genuine help to you.

Areas Covered

Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Where to Start

Having grown my business relatively quickly in an area that I'd only recently moved to, I'm ideally placed to help others get up and running as wedding photographers.

Posing & Direction

An area often feared by photographers, particularly those starting out, I've learned some great ways to help couples feel comfortable and to look their very best come portrait time.

Technical Camera Skills

I've found that, even amongst experienced photographers, there is often plenty of technical skill that can be learned from others. I'm very happy to teach a range of technical skills from understanding the exposure triangle onwards.


In my view, the most underestimated skill of a wedding photographer is delivering consistently clean images across a set of wedding day images. I've learned a great deal over 6 years and am very happy to share my tips and tricks.

Running A Successful Wedding Photography Business

The actual taking of photographs accounts for as little as 20% of my working time. Starting and then growing and maintaining a successful business takes time and effort and a breadth of skills way beyond being able to take good photographs. I'm again happy to help others develop good practices that will sustain their businesses long-term.

Use of Flash - On and Off-camera

An essential skill for wedding photographers and, again, one often feared. I love working with flash and have become adapt at creating my own light when necessary across a full wedding day in all scenarios. I can deliver this training on a one-to-one basis or on the excellent flash course that I deliver with James Rouse.

Branding, Marketing and Finding Your Clients

Finding your audience and booking the right clients for your business is essential for long-term success and enjoyment of your work. Building a brand with its own identity and then finding a way of reaching the right clients for you is a difficult challenge, particularly at the outset. Having not spend a penny on advertising or even attended a wedding fair, I can offer some hugely helpful advice in this important area.

Hardware and Software

From cameras and lenses to business management software and album design via editing software and hardware, I have a plethora of experience and advice to offer photographers who are bewildered by the choices on offer. I can help save a lot of time and money with some rock-solid recommendations and training based on my own lessons and experience.

Norfolk Wedding Photographer Training and Workshops
Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Like to Know More?

Feel free to drop me a line

Ask any questions you like, let me know the areas where you think you need help and I’ll be happy to give you an honest assessment of whether I can help.

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