A first blog entry for 2019 and surely no better place to start than a stunning intimate wedding up at the gorgeous and utterly unique Cley Windmill on the North Norfolk Coast.  On this cold January day, looking at the warm glow of these images made me pine for an early return of long summer days and single layers of clothes!  I would imagine that Cley feels somewhat different today than it did back on 4th August for Natalie and Rebecca’s wonderful celebration of marriage.

Natalie and Rebecca were a rare couple for me in that they booked without any form of consultation – just an e-mail to confirm availability and a booking.  While I normally prefer for couples to meet me before booking, more as an opportunity to answer questions and build some rapport than anything else, I could tell from the tone of their emails that they just knew what they wanted could see from my images that I’d suit them and their vision for their day. Arriving at Cley on the big day and hearing the laughter coming from the adjacent rooms where Natalie and Rebecca were getting ready I could tell within a second that we’d get along just fine!  Greeted by the small group friends and family gathered at Cley Windmill for a weekend of celebration it was immediately clear that this was going to be the most loving and relaxed of days and absolutely my kind of wedding day!

A relatively short day for me at around 6 hours of photography, all in one stunning location and in great weather, I’m not sure wedding days get much more straight forward or fun for a wedding photographer! After a short period of prep, Natalie and Rebecca met each other for the first time in their wedding dresses just outside their rooms ahead of their ceremony.  Documenting moments such as these are why I so love my work.  Seeing their reactions and emotions welling up as they first laid eyes on one another and admired each-others stunning choices of dress was very special indeed and are moments that will live me for a long time.

The sun shining, the first part of the ceremony was conducted with the stunning Cley Windmill as a backdrop; I don’t think there are many more impressive places in North Norfolk for an outdoor ceremony, just stunning. After some bubbles for confetti and some drinks and canapés there were only a handful of group photographs before serious fun and games commenced in the gardens around the windmill.  These are the sort of wedding days where you really just want to be a guest, so much fun being had and in such incredible surroundings.

Later, as the sun approached the horizon, I drove Natalie and Rebecca down to the beautiful Cley Beach for some portraits.  Well, I say portraits, more just them being themselves and enjoying absolutely every second of their wedding day.  For me, this time with couples is where possible just about capturing their relationship and personality with as little intervention as possible and just letting things flow.  With so much love, happiness and personality, Natalie and Rebecca were a dream to photograph.  I don’t think I’ve laughed as much during this part of a wedding day – it was one of those stunning summer evenings when you really have to pinch yourself when you look around and take in the light, company and surroundings.  Days when you never want the sun to ever actually reach the horizon.

Sadly it did have to reach the horizon and it was all too quickly time to head back to the windmill for the evening party.  I was only staying for a little longer by this point but we did have time for some fun with sparklers and one final night shot with the ‘Moulin Rouge’ behind for a backdrop! As from the first frame of the day, this final shot tells the story of a couple completely in-love, absolutely meant to be together and wringing fun out of every second of their very special wedding day.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of such an incredibly special weekend of celebration Natalie and Rebecca – and a massive thank you also for those Krispy Kremes!  I may have only spent a few hours in Cley last summer but that few hours will live long in the memory as one of my wedding highlights of 2018.


Thankyou for the lovely photos you took of our daughters wedding so glad you enjoyed the day as much as we did,it was so relaxed and casual and fun just as they wanted.a great day and weekend had by everyone .

Thank you Sue, it was a wonderful day and a real privilege to be a part of it. I hope you’re all keeping well and off to a good start in 2019. x

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