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 So, today, it’s back in time to 23rd August 2014 and Louise and David’s brilliant wedding day at the utterly majestic Kimberley Hall, just to the south of Norwich in Norfolk – this was a day of sunshine and showers that in no way dampened the spirits of this fabulous couple and their brilliant friends and family!

A very chilled (just how I like it :-)) morning of bridal preparation was spent at Louise’s family home with mum and dad looking after Louise and bridesmaids while everyone went about their business, exchanging gifts (in Louise’s case, a Nikon (pah!) lens from David!) and lots and lots of laughs.  From Louise’s house in Old Costessey, it was off to the stunning rural church at Hardingham where I met up with David and a second photographer, the brilliant Gina Manning (who took lots of the shots below). After a beautiful ceremony, the first downpour of the day occurred, mid-confetti!  Guests scattered to the four winds and Louise and David were left sheltering under the chauffeur’s umbrella gasping at stormy skies while quaffing a glass of champagne – Louise and David are fortunately both very chilled and fun-loving people and enjoyed the moment, in no way concerned that it would ruin their day…..and it certainly didn’t.

After church it was off to the nearby Kimberley Hall, one of my favourite Norfolk wedding venues and one of the best if you are in need of settings for sheltered wedding photographs!  As it happened, this capability came into its own when the next downpour hit, just as everyone assembled on the back lawn for a large group photograph of everyone!  Improvising though, we managed to cram well over 100 guests around Louise and David on the main Kimberley Hall staircase and got the shot regardless! Fine art it is not, but certainly fun and taken in the spirit of the entire day – great fun and hugely relaxed.

After a stunning meal and excellent speeches which included a wonderful solo singing performance that brought tears to more than a few eyes, the evening was partied to the awesome sounds of the Joe Ringer Band (a favourite local band and guaranteed to fill a wedding evening dance floor – an epic set or 3 followed). And so, the final shots of the night came outside with some sparkler fun and some messing around with light painting – as they’d been all day, Louise and David beaming from ear-to-ear throughout and game for everything that Gina and I threw at them!

Finally, a massive thank you to Louise and David for allowing Gina and I to be a part of their fantatic day and to their amazing friends and family who made us both feel so welcome throughout.

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