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A different sort of shoot on my blog today and a first for me.  I’ve captured quite a few family ‘lifestyle’ shoots over recent years but this was my first ‘at home’ one. For me, this is actually the scenario that ignited my own passion for photography – the need to try to ‘bottle up’ as much of the extraordinary love and happiness that filled our lives as we started our family and immediately realised how fleeting that very special chapter of our lives would be.

Mum, Kelly, is an excellent photographer and of course knows the importance of trying to document the feelings of parent and childhood from the arrival of children and, like me, is so often behind the camera that she occasionally needs someone else to step in and allow her to be a participant in her record of family life. Having captured some lovely moments between Kelly, Tom and Joey a couple of years ago at Kelly’s mum’s wedding, it was a real privilege to be approached to capture her family at home which now included beautiful young Eva. Like me, Kelly prefers candid, natural images to staged ones so we really just spent the afternoon doing what young families do.  Joey, a few inches taller than when I last saw him, was an absolute angel. Not only is he incredibly handsome, he’s also got a heart of gold and is so obviously loving towards his little sister.

Anyway, Kelly and family now have their photographs so I thought that I’d share a few images of this wonderful family unit.  I’m not great with words but I’m hoping the images do a better job of conveying the palpable sense of warmth, fun and happiness that pervades Kelly and Tom’s family home.  A real change from weddings for me but in many ways no change at all – just documentary photography of real people, real emotions and real relationships.  The sort of stuff that continues to fuel my passion for photography and I hope a set of images that might just prompt another similar family to consider signing me up for some relaxed family photographs.

Thank you so much Kelly, Tom, Joey and Eva for being perfect models.

Andy, these are so beautiful. Top work buddy

Thanks very much indeed mate, appreciate it! Andy

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