Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer



Andy Davison - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Today, in a cold January, a trip back in time to the stunner that was Heather and Damon’s wonderful Norfolk summer wedding on 10th June 2017 at the always fabulous Elms Barn.  After a short morning of preparations spent in the lovely Stackyard Lodge at Elms Barn Heather was met by her dad David driving his stunning white 1983 Cadillac.  Showing my age I was immediately taken back to the Dukes of Hazard shows of my youth – David even has a J D Hogg sticker in the windscreen. What a great car to travel to your wedding in!

Heather and Damon enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony in Lowestoft before heading back to the main barn at Elms Barn for the remainder of their day.  On a day that got warmer and warmer and delivered some of the best evening light that I’ve ever experienced, Elms Barn really is one of the very best Norfolk venues.  Aside from the barn, looking incredible with Heather and Damon’s styling, the rose gardens were at their peak and, with a cornfield easily accessible for sunset to the west, I don’t think it gets much better for a wedding photographer!

Heather and Damon enjoyed their perfect wedding day, surrounded by a cracking group of friends and family in the most beautiful of surroundings.  From a chilled out morning getting ready to partying the evening away with David swapping Cadillac for guitar and microphone, this was a day to savour for everyone.  A real privilege to capture and a day that will live long in the memory.


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