Andy Davison - West Lexham Manor Wedding Photographer

Andy Davison - West Lexham Manor Wedding Photographer


So this my first opportunity to blog about a wedding at the simply wonderful West Lexham Manor in deepest rural Norfolk.

Every time I think that I’ve found the place that I’d get married at, were I to be marrying today, I then come across another venue that would make that decision even harder.  My informal, candid and relaxed style of photography (and lifestyle!) is ideally suited to venues that encourage informality and individuality.  Venues such as West Lexham Manor are just such locations.  Places where you have a variety of beautiful accommodation to make a week or weekend of celebrations with traveling guests possible, places with stacks of outdoor space for everyone to relax and unwind, places that encourage couples to design their own day with the freedom of choice of wedding suppliers that ensures every single wedding is an utterly unique event that reflects the personalities of the couples getting married. No two weddings at West Lexham Manor will ever be the same, that’s for sure.  That of course means that no two sets of wedding photographs will ever be the same either 🙂

As always, I went for a recce at West Lexham Manor a couple of days before Emily and Jon’s wedding and was immediately struck by the peace and tranquility that meets as you as you walk onto the site.  The stunning barn, the beautiful cottages, the tree-houses, the lake, the house, the swimming pool, the tennis courts, the pizza oven…..I could go on.  Having had a good look around and chatted to the lovely Laura Oliver who is one of the wedding coordinators for West Lexham Manor, I just knew that this was to be a perfect day for candid, relaxed wedding photography.  Arriving on wedding morning in my shorts (it was going to be scorching) Emily’s greeting of ‘oh I’m so glad that you’re one of those photographers who wears shorts’ confirmed that I was indeed in tune with and ready for this most wonderful day of celebrations.

Emily and the ladies were in the brilliant hands of Amy of Flamingo Amy Hair and Make-up and Amelia Garwood Make-up and the stunning flowers that you’ll see throughout the images below were provided by the outstanding Beaurose Country Garden Flowers.  Wandering freely about West Lexham Manor during the morning was a real joy – something different happening everywhere.  From speech writing to cricket, tennis and swimming it was wonderful to see so many guests having a mini-holiday while celebrating the wedding day of Jon and Emily.

The wedding celebration was conducted by the lovely Mary Harboe and again, like every part of this day, the ceremony was beautiful, utterly unique and conducted in a most stunning surroundings. An afternoon of more relaxation and fun was followed by excellent speeches delivered in the sun trap that is the lovely rustic courtyard adjacent to the barn.  The barn of course looked incredible for the wedding breakfast with 2 long tables using the space perfectly and creating a great atmosphere for everyone to socialise in out of the scorching sun. The evening party was immense.  It’s not every wedding that you get to see X Factor finalists (2 Shoes) arrive and play 2 sets as a surprise gift to the bride and groom.  You also don’t often get to see a brilliant Radio 1 DJ at work but Scott Mills was along for this one!  With so much happening in the evening, I just had to hang around until quite late and deliver more dance-floor shots than I usually would.

I hope the images below give a feel for Emily and Jon’s brilliant day at the unique West Lexham Manor – being candid, Jon and Emily didn’t want many portraits so there are fewer of those sorts of images than I would normally take – but the benefit of that was of course more time for candid shots and more time for Emily and Jon to full participate in their wedding day party (which you’ll see they oh so did!). I have one further wedding booked in for West Lexham Manor and I absolutely cannot wait.  This is a venue that I would absolutely love to return to and I hope that a few future brides and grooms will find their way to these images and not only get a few ideas for their own day but also track me down for another booking!

What a couple, what a place, what a day!

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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