Well, what a brilliant day with yet more variety, a fantastic location and a chance to meet some great people.  Today was spent on the stunning North Norfolk Coast visiting Deepdale Farm ( and Dalegate Market (  To say that Deepdale Farm is a high-end backpackers hostel with hugely diverse accommodation and camping/’glamping’ options in a beautiful location with outstanding amenities in the collocated Dalegate Market would not do the place justice – there’s just so much to see and do here.  Anyway, aside from enjoying being in what has to be one of the nicest corners of Norfolk (and competition is tough for that accolade), I was there to meet Jason Borthwick and the many friendly  staff and tenants of the Deepdale and Dalegate enterprise in order to plan out a longer visit to photograph all aspects of the site.  The images will then be used to update the already excellent website and provide a portfolio of images for later use.  Even with the wind blowing hard, overhead sunlight and not taking much time to set up some polished images, it was immediately clear that I will need to be on my game to do the site justice and really provide a feel for the sort of relaxed and comfortable outdoor lifestyle that is on offer for visitors to Deepdale.  A few of today’s images are included and I can’t wait to return for a full day’s shoot and an opportunity to capture the full beauty of the location in morning and evening light.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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