Yesterday morning was one of the highlights of this winter so far – a rare, calm, crisp and frosty morning, accurately forecast and in stark contrast to this particularly mild, wet and very windy period that we’ve been experiencing.

Having been commissioned to capture a landscape image of the Blickling Hall Lake looking its serene and majestic best, I dragged myself out of bed early yesterday morning to see if mother nature was up for delivering something a little special – she was.

Arriving at around 0700, an hour before sunrise, I was greeted by almost complete silence, not a breath of breeze and just the odd rustle of wild animals scurrying amongst frosted leaves, the occasional bird calls and one or 2 fish breaking the surface of the mirrored lake.  As you’ll see below, it was pretty dark with just a light mist hanging in the low areas of the beautiful Blickling Hall Parkland that surrounds the lake and Hall.

Having been to the lake recently to try and figure out the best position to capture elements of the lake and rear of the Hall in one shot, I headed straight to that location and set up to await signs of a sunrise.  The only person mad enough to be out and about in subzero temperatures at this time on a Sunday morning, the peace was truly amazing, making the wait for light an absolute pleasure in itself.  As the sun began to climb it became clear that, although light would not fall on the house directly, I was in for some beautiful sky colours to complement the stunning frost which had provided a thick blanket to the vegetation and even some of the lake overnight.

Once the sun was up, I took a walk around the perimeter of the lake and, with so much of interest at this most magical hour, it took way longer to complete than usual (and I was very nearly late home for a wedding consultation!).  As time passed, I gradually came across a few fishermen, runners and walkers all out feasting on the very finest of winter mornings in surely one of the most quintessentially English of settings. As for the lake, well it also delivered – I don’t recall seeing it quite so spectacular as it was yesterday and, having already sent some proofs to the client who is seeking the lake images and received positive feedback, the mood seems to have been adequately captured.

I hope that you enjoy looking at these images.  It’s been great having a reason to visit the lake and parkland around the incomparable Hall because ‘the’ shot of Blickling is of course the amazing front of the house looking directly down the incredible driveway.  While I’ve included such a shot towards the end of this set of images, I hope the other shots here help show how much more there is to Blickling and perhaps encourage others to get out into the grounds and seek some fresh angles on this most wonderful of National Trust properties.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to live only a mile or 2 from Blickling Hall and, with a number of weddings with lovely couples to shoot here over the coming months, I know its place in my heart is going to continue to grow.

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