Best of 2016 Norfolk Wedding Photographer Andy Davison

Best of 2016 Norfolk Wedding Photographer Andy Davison


Well, what a year 2016 proved to be!

Possibly remembered for negative reasons for many people, surely not so for these 31 wonderful couples who made 2016 the year of their marriage, who got on with living it ‘in the moment’, made it a year to remember for all the right reasons and who allowed me in to capture their special days as they unfolded.

From Emily and Peter on 30th January to Louise and Aaron on 23rd December, 2016 was my largest and longest wedding season to date.  Somehow managing to book these 31 weddings within an hour of my Norfolk home, I was able to minimise travel and maximise capture time, largely shooting full days and in the process able to tell the complete and entirely unique stories of each and every wedding day and the people who were a part of them.

Selecting a range of images to sum up such an incredibly diverse year packed with so many personalities and emotions is an impossible task.  I delivered over 37,000 edited images in 2016 and narrowing them down to a viewable number (I still need to cut back a little!) has proved extremely tricky; hopefully the selection below will just give a feel for the incredible people who I was so privileged to meet and to photograph in another amazing year of wedding photography.

The selection below is in a largely random order and reflects just some of the full spectrum of emotions that I seek to capture candidly on a wedding day.  Young and old, friends and relatives coming together for such a special occasion means that there are quiet moments, loud moments, happy moments, moments of reflection, times of intimacy and, of course, a great deal of laughter.  In amongst them all you’ll find what some might consider ‘outtakes’ but, for me, they help complete the picture and tell the full stories of real people enjoying real weddings days played out in the moment which is just happens to be how I love it.

Most importantly, for me, the images below reflect personalities, relationships and very genuine emotions.  I’m naturally drawn to images of people and, while I have many thousands of images of flowers, seating plans and shoes, the selection below is instinctively about human beings and their complex emotions and relationships.  I hope that it makes for an interesting and fun review of my 2016 travels around Norfolk weddings and provides an insight into the incredibly fortunate life that I lead.

To all of the amazing couples whose weddings are featured here, to their friends and families some of whom have very sadly passed away since these images were taken, a final heartfelt thank you for inviting me in, making me feel so welcome and trusting me to capture one of the most significant days of your lives.  It means the world to me.

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