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I’m a long, long way behind most wedding photographers in getting out a summary of some favourite moments from an absolutely incredible year of wedding photography in Norfolk and London but here it is, finally! The main reason for the delay, other than Christmas cake and mince pies,  was the impossible task of choosing images from the 25 utterly unique wedding days that I was truly privileged to be invited to capture in 2015. This selection is probably too large to be viewed in one sitting and yet it barely scratches the surface in telling the full story of a remarkable year spent in the company of 25 remarkable couples.

As you’ll immediately see though, this selection is not just about those couples it’s also about the friends and family without whom a wedding day would be complete.  It’s also not a ‘Best Of’ per se – it’s about the walk through the fields to play paper aeroplanes with dad, it’s about Page Boys launching all the confetti on the way to the ceremony and it’s about the whole family embrace in moments of unrepeatable togetherness.   As I look back on these weddings, and ponder the forthcoming busy 2016 and 2017 seasons that lie ahead, I’m immensely grateful to be able to do something that I love and feel truly blessed to be working with so many fantastic people who welcome me so warmly into one of the most important days of their lives and permit me to observe and capture as a friend the story of their day and the personalities that go to make every story unique and special.

This post is a heartfelt thank you to each and every couple whose wedding I was honoured to photograph in 2015 and of course to the countless wedding guests, friends and families with whom I was able to share a joke, ask for help or simply teach to pin on a buttonhole………so, here in a completely random order, a few images dedicated to all of you.  Thank you, 2015, you were awesome to me.

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